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Suicide Squad Jackets

Here are wonderful dream collection of every suicide Squad movie costume that you desire to have it yourself. The film suicide squad features these jackets, Harley Quinn, DeadShot, Captain Boomerang Jacket, Captain Boomerang coat, Katana jacket and El Diablo jacket.

Harley Quinn costume from the film suicide squad is one of the best looking and sexy attire for gorgeous women. These kind of costumes can be worn on Comic Con programs as well as Halloween showdown.

DeadShot Costume is perfect in its own dangerous kind, which includes many different features and accessories to go with the outfit. One of his amazing feature is the red lens to be able to see during Halloween Night.

Captain Boomerang has two of his costumes, he owns a blue satin jacket while he also feature his captain boomerang coat. Both of them are wonderful and appealing while you must be thinking to wear during whatever period you want to be perfectly relatable. 

Katana Costume is unique and lovely. She fulfills the silent nature to be one of a kind. The best of its features is golden flowers. Katana Costume is Black in color to invade your dreams.

El Diablo Costume is a hot shot, in varsity style jacket. It is a combination of blue and black color which strikes your grounds during Halloween Season.

The best a fan can get, are all those suicide costumes which are blowing your mind for the rest of your lives. All those brilliant attire collection from Harley Quinn to Diablo, From Captain Boomerang to Katana, all of the best like DeadShot and other costume guide.