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Lucifer Merchandise

Lucifer is an American TV show based on a few comic book characters belonging to the DC Universe. The show is created by Tom Kapinos and is based on urban fantasy, police procedural, comedy and drama. The show was initially released on 25th of January 2020 and is still ongoing. The show has 5 released episodes with a total of 75 episodes. The series is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Televsion.

The show is based on Lucifer Morningstar who is the devil. The angel was cast out of Heaven due to starting a rebellion against his dad, The God. Lucifer was cast out and was sent to Hell to rule it. The devil got bored down there so he paid a visit to Earth, particularly Los Angeles. Lucifer Morningstar solves a crime and becomes an official consultant to the LAPD where he partners up with Detective Chloe Decker. He later falls in love with her and finds out that she was a ruse in the devious plan of his father, the God.

The show stars some of the best stars including Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Laura German as Detective Chloe Decker, Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza, D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesly-Ann Banditt as Mazikeen Smith and a lot more such adorable and talented stars. The show has released its fifth season on 21st of August 2020 and was renewed for a sixth and final season in June 2020.

The characters of the show are loved by the audience and has received immense praise from the critics as well. They are loved for the storyline they are given, their performances as well as their costumes. The formal and elegant suits of Lucifer Morningstar and casual jackets of Detective Decker caught the eyes of the audience.

Our category has a wide range of exact replicas worn by the characters in the show. These attires would be suitable for all casual, formal, daily as well as cosplay events. All you have to do is grab on to your devices and surf on our website to grab on to the best attire from our Lucifer Merchandise.

For instance, the black suit of Lucifer Morningstar was one of the most highlighted and adored costumes of the character. It is made up of high-quality wool blend and has a soft internal layer of viscose. The suit has a lapel collar and a double buttoned front closure. It has two flap pockets on the waist, one chest pocket and two inner pockets. It comes with a pair of pants, all in black color.

You can also find the adored bomber jacket of Chloe Decker in our category. The amazing leather jacket of Detective Dan Espinoza and the cute and most adored hooded jacket of Amenadiel on our category. These attires are perfect for casual as well as daily use. Grab on to your devices now and pay a visit to our Lucifer Morningstar Merchandise. You won’t return empty handed, that’s for sure!