Are White Canary And Black Canary Sisters


Two biggest superhero franchises are against each other in a friendly battle ever since their publication began. It resulted in creating characters that were a parody or had an entirely different personality. DC Comics has come a long way from releasing movies that had questionable characters in its list to finding success in a different form of virtual entertainment. Out of the hundred unanswered questions, people can observe another one via a television show or series. There is a different universe going on in the small screen department and it features two characters that have many fans questioning their background and whether it is seen in the TV show or not.

Those two characters are Black Canary and White Canary. The name sounds like they are a sibling superhero duo. But are White Canary and Black Canary sisters? This is where we will make you understand their appearance and their background history and answer that question in the easiest way. But first, here are a few things that you need to know about the two DC female characters.

We start with the most common and easily noticeable source where you can see both of them in action – The Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow television series. Now, these two are very popular in Hollywood and are doing quite well with the ratings and debuting the other DC Comics characters apart from the main Justice League members. The DC Comics television shows like the Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl was known as the Arrow-verse phase. It had a crossover with each other on more than one occasions, bringing together the superheroes that we saw in animated series and comic books to fight a common purpose.

Black Canary was first spotted in Arrow and then maintained her appearance for some time. Katie Cassidy plays her in the show, whereas, White Canary is played by Caity Lotz and she is currently appearing in Legends of Tomorrow. Both of them have appeared together in an episode but the only difference was that the Black Canary name became known as the Black Siren later on, which you can see below.

As usual, before the Arrowverse got itself sorted out, there was a lot of confusion about whom the real Black Canary is. Furthermore, the repeated deaths and resurrection of the White Canary character eventually made it easier to understand whom Cassidy and Lotz were actually playing. With the separation of the actresses, and a big change in their costume, it was easier to identify them. Black Canary aka Black Siren took over the changes to her black costume’s design while White Canary did the same as well.

Now that’s a decent picture from the comics to show you the comic book versions of the two characters. The Birds of Prey characters are seen going against each other. The Black Canary, aka Dinah Laurel Lance, is the member of Justice League and a love interest of Green Arrow. On the other hand, White Canary wants to blow Black Canary’s head off. Her name in the comics is unknown, giving the greenlight to the Arrow series creators to give her a name of their choice. Nevertheless, White Canary is the villain in Birds of Prey series, and has gone toe-to-toe with her counterpart, making her a much unexpected nemesis.

Over the course of the comics, Black Canary has always been on the good side while White Canary has showed that she is better off being a villain. The Black Canary portrayals have been a family heritage as she follows in her mother’s, Dinah Drake, boots, who was a Black Canary as well. The character that we see in the 21st century Media are Laurel Lance, the same character’s name appearing in the television show as well as the animated shows and movies. While White Canary is Sara Lance, the younger sister of Laurel and she stars in the television show.

Therefore, they aren’t sisters by the background of the comics, but they are sisters in the Arrowverse series. Green Arrow made all the efforts to revive Sara after she was killed. The Lazarus Pit, John Constantine and Rip Hunter were vital in bringing White Canary to the life and towards to good side by giving her a soul and motive to join the fight to save the world. That clears the big question about the relationship between White Canary and Black Canary in the comic book world and the real world of drama series.