Get a Superb Appearance With Suicide Squad Katana Costume

Are you looking for the costume that will give you superb look in front of the viewers? then you can take inspiration with this Suicide Squad Katana Costume. Katana a unique role-player in the film Suicide Squad is a fictional character from DC Comics. She is shown in the film Suicide Squads. She finds out about Batman she turned working alongside him. Apart from that she also appeared in the television series “Arrow” in 2012 in which she is seen as an ally to Oliver Queen. She is fiercely loyal to Rick Flag, working together with him as his bodyguard, and is thus the only willing Suicide Squad member. You will definitely get inspired with the props that are gathered here seems to be attractive and give you an authentic look of a character. So, what are you waiting for? just check the below-shown costume that will give you amazing appearance in front of all.

Karen Fukuhara Mask

Katana Mask (Product Page)

 Katana Vest

Katana Vest (Product Page)

Karen Fukuhara Jacket

Katana Jacket

Karen Fukuhara Jeans

Katana Jeans (Product Page)

Karen Fukuhara Ribbon

Katana Ribbons (Product Page)

Karen Fukuhara Gloves

Katana Gloves (Product Page)

Karen Fukuhara sword

Katana Sword (Product Page)

Karen Fukuhara Boots

Katana Boots (Product Page)

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