How to Celebrate ST. Patrick’s Day In 2019

The holiday season is the time when everyone waits for the day to enjoy the celebration by eating a variety of foods and consume alcohol. St. Patrick’s Day is the religious and cultural celebration held on 17, March. It is the day of the death of Saint Patrick. Especially Irish communities and organization celebrate this day in many parts of the world. Basically, Saint Patrick was born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century, he was kidnapped at the age of 16 taken to Ireland as a slave. After some time, he ran away from Ireland. After getting older, he served for the country by establishing churches, monasteries, and schools. That is the reason the Irish community celebrates the day with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. From 1962, Chicago has colored its river green to mark the holiday. First, it was the blue theme, but Chicago changed the color in green. If you want to celebrate this day with a lot of excitement, then you have to follow some of the guidelines that are referred below.

Know About The History

Make sure that you are aware of the history of Saint Patrick Day. So, that you can give a speech to the audience regarding the valuable day and make everyone aware of the history. For example, the real name of St. Patrick was Maewyn Succat who converted the Irish into Christianity. Then he established schools and churches.

Green Theme

First thing, that is really necessary for the St. Patrick Day is the theme of your clothing that should be in green. Wearing a green t-shirt with Irish saying like “Kiss Me, I am Irish”, “Irish Beer” etc. If you really want to get entertainment and excitement of the celebration, then come up with green clothing that will give you amazing appearance and you will capture some fantastic moments with your family and friends.

Use Accessories

Use of accessories with the green shirt will also increase the charm of the appearance. For instance, you can use stick badges on your shirts and wear green accessories on the hands.  Paint your face and hands with the logo that will surely look impressive.

Irish Words And Phrases Should Be Learned

One of the main things that will give you more excitement is using Irish words and phrases that will make you feel that you are celebrating the event with the Irish community. So, make sure before going to the event, you have to learn some of the phrases. For example; what is the craic? It can be used for saying, how’s it going? What is going on etc.

Do The Irish Dance

All the celebrations are incomplete without the dance party. So, you have to learn some Irish dance that will give you more entertainment and excitement. Get your friends together and rock the dance floor with an amazing Irish Dance. You can arrange either dance performances for the competition or fun together for a lot of entertainment.

Make Delicious Irish Food

Lastly, you have to make Irish food in the event so that you can enjoy your celebration with more entertainment. As everyone wishes to eat the variety of food at the events, so learn to make delicious foods that are a specialty of Irish.
If you want to make your event more memorable and fantastic that you can remember for many years ahead, then you have to follow the above-shown guide. It will be helpful in making your event entertaining.