The Jolly Guide of The Santa Claus Costume

Santa Claus can be a mascot or a patron or symbol for something that portrays the famous Holiday season – Christmas. Everyone knows Santa Claus, even those who are of a different caste. However, while the name is renowned, his backstory isn’t. More of that in a minute, but the famous personality is one of the iconic figures for kids all around the world. Over the years, he became a character kids believed to exist in their entire childhood and a great example of selflessness.

His story, as your parents may have told you, is one of the most remarkable ones. Santa Claus is also known as other monikers besides Santa. Names like Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Kris Kringle are the popular ones. The white-bearded man was strongly believed to be Saint Nicholas who loved the idea of presenting gifts to the children on Christmas Eve whose behaviour was good. The kind children would receive plenty of awesome gifts that they wouldn’t expect to own, whereas the “naughty” kids would just get coal. As funny as that would look, it set a great tone for kids to behave and be kind to everyone so that they could be on the good list of Santa.

With that said who wouldn’t want to look adorable and fuzzy when Christmas arrives. Adults and kids can wear this Santa Claus Costume in 2018.

Santa Beard and Wig Kit

Santa Beard and Wig Set

Victorian Santa Outfit
Victorian Santa Costume

Russian Santa Claus Apparel
Russian Santa Claus Suit

Santa Toy Backpack
Santa Toy Bag

As there are many portrayals of the legendary figure, here is a set that you can choose. This an adult set that features a Victorian look as well as a Russian look of Santa Claus. Order these items and wear your boots or leather shoes with them to complete the look.

Adult Santa Claus Clothe

Adult Santa Claus Costume

This specific product is a set of 10 items that you need for a complete Santa Claus look. It’s an adult size so make sure that you choose the right size. The set features all the necessary items except for shoes, which you have to wear (preferably black).

Mrs. Claus Hair Piece

Mrs. Claus Wig

Womens Santa Claus Dress
Womens Santa Claus Costume

When there is Santa Claus, there has to be Mrs. Claus as well. For that, women can wear a stunningly stitched dress along with their husband’s bulky look. The footwear will depend on you as short boots and heel boots can complement this dress.

Toddler’s Santa Claus Attire

Toddler’s Santa Claus Costume

Kid’s Santa Claus Gear
Kid’s Santa Claus Costume

Kids are the ones that are more reluctant to dress up in a Santa Claus suit than an adult is. That’s the reason behind these adorable suits. Here you have the toddlers and kids sizes Father Christmas costumes.

And that brings an end to the variety of Santa Claus Costumes which is perfect for this year. In this guide, there are a few options at your disposal so you get a new Holiday appearance in 2018 or even in 2019. This is also a perfect place to help your family dress as Santa Claus to make Christmas more special. You got the different suits for the men, a gorgeous suit for the women and a suit for the kids. We hope this works out for you this season.