Quarantine New Year’s Eve Ideas 2021

New Year’s have always been fun, getting together with friends and families, going on a road trip, or
celebrating New Year’s Eve on a destination – but this year, it’s going to be different. The year 2020 has
been long and quite rough.
The entire world is under the pandemic of COVID-19 and it is important to distance ourselves from
crowded places and stay indoors. We won’t be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the same
traditional way that has been going on since always, but it’s all for the best. Instead of risking the lives of
your loved ones and yourself, it is better to celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually and with the immediate
family only.
Rather than being sad about not celebrating New Year’s Eve with a blast, be thankful to have your
loved ones in your life. This year has not been good to many, appreciate what you have, and stay
indoors. Let this year get a different start, with all the precautionary measures that include masks,
Social Distancing, and washing hands.
New Year’s Eve 2021 doesn’t have to be boring just because you are to stay at home, it can be fun, and
it will be. We are here with Quarantine New Year’s Eve Ideas 2021 that will guide you to make this night
a memorable one. We are about to put our thinking caps on, and there’s something super creative
coming up. Let’s get started:

Get Dressed – It’s New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve! Get your fancy dress out of that wardrobe and get all dressed up for the big night.
Wear that silk dress or a stunning Movies Jacket – grab the best of what you have. Even though you
aren’t invited to the big New Year’s Eve party, but it still is something. Look gorgeous, and celebrate the
big night with your spouse, kids, and parents at home. Get a lot of pictures and wish for a good year

Get Dressed It’s New Year’s EveCelebrate New Year’s Eve Virtually

The year 2020 has been all about the Internet. Video calls and chats are the only means of communicating
with your loved ones now. Since the COVID pandemic has been bad, it is better to stay indoors. But as its
New Year’s Eve and you have your laptop, smartphone, and tablets along with you, let’s celebrate this
occasion virtually. Call your friends on Skype or Zoom, and have the best time.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve VirtuallyDecorate Your Home for New Year’s Eve

Who says you can’t decorate your place if there’s no party? Well, get up and get a bunch of stuff from
the decoration store and get to work. Make your place look nice – add balloons, a New Year banner, and
some props to the lounge. Get a lot of pictures with your kids and make a good memory out of the worst
of the year 2020.

Decorate Your Home for New Year’s EveBake Cookies and Share Them with Your Loved Ones

Who doesn’t love cookies? If you have been missing your friends and family on New Year’s Eve, here’s
what you can do. Bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies, pack them up, and write a loving note that
tells them how much they mean to you. Drop off these boxes to your loved ones and make them feel

Bake Cookies and Share Them with Your Loved OnesMovie Night

There couldn’t be a better chance to have privacy with your life partner on New Year’s Eve. Imagine,
both of you, alone at home on such a special night – Oh, boy! That’s something! Make the best out of it
by planning a romantic movie night. Open up a bottle of Champaign, grab onto some chocolates, and
choose a romantic movie to watch along with your soul mate. Get those blankets and stay cozy.

Movie NightHave a Dance Party

Make this New Year’s Eve a reason to live every moment of the night. Arrange a dance party with your
roommates and cherish the night. Gather up your roommates, put on your party dresses or casual
outfits from Hjackets, and play that rocking music. Dance till you drop!

Have a Dance Party

Drop the Ball at Midnight

Oh, the New Year Countdown! Drop the ball at midnight and cherish the last few seconds of the year
that you are about to leave behind. Let the kids do the countdown (they love it). Shout out the
countdown when the last 10 seconds are to go, hold the hand of your spouse, look at your kid, and let
the New Year begin with love, happiness, and laughter. Happy New Year!

Drop the Ball at MidnightConclusion

Let this New Year’s Eve be a memorable one. Celebrate virtually and don’t forget to practice social