A Complete Guide of Pokémon Costumes

Pikachu is one of the most favorite videogame characters that the 90s kid have ever witnessed. Pokémon has been a series of videogames initially released in 1996, and then having an immerging diversion in the gaming world. Pikachu is one of the species featuring in Pokémon. The series of Pokémon started with the production of videogames, but with the span of time got a great fan following and thus, resulted in producing animated television shows, comic books, card games and with the growth and affection of Pokémon, the series grew into the compassion to a movie, released in 2019.

Pikachu is one of the main characters of the series of Pokémon. The yellow rodent-like creature has powerful electrical abilities and is trained to interact with the gaming world. Pikachu has black tipped, pointed ears and their yellow fur is covered with brown markings at their back. Trainer Ash and Pokémon, both are the leading characters of the franchise. The apparel that both the characters have been attired with, are available for you to get your hands on. Look down the list of the costume guide, and seek out what you desire.

Pokémon Go Varsity Jacket

When it come to an affection with a character, the most obvious yet classic way to imitate the look of the character is by the attire that the character has been wearing on. The Pokémon Go Letterman jacket is made of fleece fabric, with an inner viscose lining. The fabric enhances the look of the character because of the fleece fabric. The jacket has a snap button frontage.

The color of the jacket is in the shades of blue with yellow stripes. The jacket is in rib knitted Letterman style with rib knits sleeves accompanying yellow stripes. The Pokémon Go logo is right there on the front of the chest along with the highlighted text ‘Pokémon Go’ at the bag, with vibrant colors. You must grab this piece of attire, if you want to imitate the Letterman look from the upcoming movie of the Pokémon franchise.Wear off this jacket and feel cozy these winters.

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Pokémon Pant

The blue pants are a must to have when it comes to imitating the look of Pokémon Go. The pants go just right with the fleece jacket. The pants are made of 100% polyester and have a slim body git style. You can gear up in these pants, these Halloween, and amaze your friends with the look of Pokémon Go.

The pants have a mechanical stretch along with moisture wicking. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this apparel at all. So, before it runs out of stock, rush up and get your hands on this attire at the moment.

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Pokémon T-Shirt

As you get attired in the Letterman fleece jacket, you would want to imitate the full look, wouldn’t you? Get this crew neck t-shirt to wear underneath your astounding jacket. The t-shirt is made of cotton, which makes it soft in fabric and easily breathable for you. The cotton jersey material gives you the look that you have been watching in the videogames and animated cartoon shows.

The t-shirt has a texture that gives you a body fit look, and makes you look classy and sext simultaneously. So, grab this apparel right away and make your look go perfect.

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Pokémon Game logo Baseball Cap

Caps are the accessorizes that enhance your look in a casual manner. Get your hands on this Pokémon Go Pikachu printed baseball cap and get the look of your favorite animated character. The cap is made of 100% polyester foam from the front and has a back of 100% nylon mesh. The cap has a color combination of blue, white and red; just like the original one.

The baseball cap has an adjustable back, which makes it quite suitable for any size of head. The highly quality print on the front, saying ‘Pikachu’ with a visual image of the yellow rodent-like creature, is fulfilling your fanhood towards the Pokémon series. The snap closure helps you to get the hold of this cap easily. So, get this cap right away, and use it in your daily casual meetups and evening baseball matches.

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Pokémon Detective Pikachu Hoodie

What else does a fan need, than having an attire that clearly imitates the look of the adored character that they are crazy about? Oh yes! This is a shout out for all the Pokémon fans, this is your moment. You can now get your hands on this Pokémon Detective Pikachu hoodie, imitating the look of your favorite character from the Pokémon franchise.

The hoodie is in classic yellow color, made from a 100% cotton fabric. The hoodie is lined with a cotton lining, to give you comfort from the inner side. An attached hood gives you the Pikachu look by its ears at the head top. The hoodie has a front zip closure, making it easy to get it on and off. One pocket is sewed on the outerside of the fabric, which can hold your possessing.At the back of the hoodie, you can witness the tail with a current effect imprinted. This is about to make your obsession get some real level. Get your addiction to Pokémon fulfilled, by grabbing this apparel right away.

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Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball

Be prepared to have a battle in the gaming zone, with the incredible Clip and Carry Poké Ball. The packet is comprised with a poke ball along with a belt clip, and an attack tag. The angry faced Pikachu is always ready to win a battle in the zone. The clip on the poke ball makes it easy for the user to access the ball. The handy poke ball is easily portable and a fun to have.

All you have to do, is pop open the ball with a push of a button right there on the front, and get ready to witness the battle of Pikachu. The poke ball has the capacity to hold Pikachu inside, and let it out when it’s the time to battle. Order this Clip and Carry poke ball right away along with your friends and let the battle amaze you.

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Pokémon Ball Collection – 4pc

When it comes to a fan following towards any figure or character, every tiny detail matter. The set of Pokémon Pokeball plush set is composed of 4 pieces and is about to create some excitement among you and your friends. The poke balls are in different colors; red, blue, purple and black. Grab these poke balls and cherish the 90s memories by possessing the greatest battle equipment. Call upon your buds, and let the Pokémon battle start.

The Masterball, Ultraball, Pokeball and Greatball will have the exciting battle that you have been missing since a decade.Enjoy your fanhood with this ball collection pack.

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You now have the complete costume guide of Pokémon costume, so, what are you waiting for? Get over your 90s obsession by grabbing these items right away. Cherish the childhood memories, and re-live them today. Because, let’s be honest, what another cartoon creature can be as adorable as Pikachu?