Richard Rooster Hotline Miami Payday 2 Costume

Become the Rooster Jacket in disguise and forget all your past with regards to counter-attack those who has made his situation worthy of sympathy. Though, he is anonymous to himself while his fans gave him the notorious name with regards to the outfit he’s wearing. A legit drop out from the workplace as well as from the society, the infamous killer-for-fun male poultry head person gives us chills to the spine just in case we ever found him in front of us or when Hotline Miami Costume we turn away our faces from the mirror.

The becoming a sluggish yet a jampacked videogame franchise of its very own genre – having the protagonist going badass and willfully having psychotic killer instincts. The chronicle games comprises – Payday: The Heist, Payday 2, and Wrong Number… but we do look forward in case the “Right Number” rings bringing out a friendly vengeance of one’s own bad deeds.

So if you’re looking to become the FBI’s classified enemy in the real world, then this make-believe animalistic approach via 80’s Dictaphone voiced Rooster Miami Hotline costume guide is the thing. Possess scream schemes and blood bottling out melees inside out your pockets and bags. So let’s get started guys.

Hotline Miami basic Rooster getup prop accessories

Animal Face Masks

richard rooster maskRichard Rooster Mask (Product Page)

tony’s revenge tiger maskTony’s Revenge Tiger Mask (Product Page)

tiger maskTiger Mask (Product Page)

corey zebra maskCorey Zebra Mask (Product Page)

alex swan maskAlex Swan Mask (Product Page)

jake snake maskJake Snake Mask (Product Page)

Aside from the masks, the most ideal costume guide initiates from right here

hand glovesHand Gloves (Product Page)

These arm end cover-ups offer you a comfortable zone for your wrists in order to let you hold up artilleries in the most ideal clasp trigger on clicks. Quite handy for their price and the design is totally slick as well.

hotline miami varsity jacket

Hotline Miami Varsity Jacket

Made from top quality cotton fleece and entrusted with an impeccable craftsmanship upbringing. The scheme is scrupulously drafted and definitely we won’t forget the multicolor brown hues of coffee brown, chocolate, and cream brown. A great lavish casual having that particular “happy-go-lucky” appeal. But in Richard Rooster Costume case it ain’t happy, but rather barbaric.

carpenter’s delight wood handle hammer

Carpenter’s Delight Wood Handle Hammer (Product Page)

This is just so endearing for offering thumps and blows over your enemies face. The hard hitting therapy sometimes to great wonders if you’re in trouble and have nowhere to go.

jacket black shotgun

Jacket Black Shotgun (Product Page)

This thick mind-shattering shellshock blaster is just perfect to adapt on your belt clucked on shoulders and pretty awesome stunners when taken about into hands for the spree kills from a near distance. Get it on rooster gear Hotline Miami Costume.

rooster baseball bat

Rooster Baseball Bat (Product Page)

Yep! This is right to give backbones and overall the whole spinal cord the perfect jam homerun thud. Bring about a dumbfounding surprise upon your enemies in a single blow.

blue jeans

Blue Jeans (Product Page)

Constructed with a handpick cotton denim and shaped into an impeccable men’s classic blue slack for your casual routines and runs. Very good range for its pocket-friendly cost and hugely positively reviewed from satisfied buyers.


Shoes (Product Page)

Proficiently handmade and remarkably retro-cultured from the original 1968 design, these sturdy yet softly occupied footwear are made from a deep-seated unification of leather and rubber. Comfortable to wear but solid on rough and rugged terrains.


A popularized cult video game inspired from Ryan Gosling’s road thrill movie Drive that has made all worldwide gamers go controllably crazy with its darkish milieu clueless objective achieving appeal. Even hints of the “pop culture” GTA video game is clearly visible in its mind-gripping graphic world.

In this Hotline Miami Rooster Payday 2 Costume is here to mind-bend your all goodness into a criminal code act going nuts and slaughtering cold from core of their hearts. Moreover, there are a few animal smokescreens you could clad up as a cosmetic to go with in-mission mayhems. Moreover, our well-researched costume guide collections are quite the right choice for your favorite character getup.