Michael Jackson Costume Guide

The combination of pop music and astounding dance moves reminds us of only one name; Michael Jackson! The King of Pop who is a legend of dance and music. He is an American singer, dancer and a songwriter. No one could ever replace the title of the King of Pop! Michael Jackson has given his fans a tremendous collection of music which has still kept the fanhood of MJ alive. Not only some amazing music and dance moves that he has given to us, along with this talent he has certainly given us some serious fashion goals. The attire along with classy accessories is what Michael Jackson wore off, with elegance and style.

Whether it be the classy look of Michael Jackson in his shimmery black suit or a customized zombie look from his song ‘Thriller’, he has set up some astounding fashion goals that the fans have totally gone crazy about. The following items comprise of a complete costume guide that could enable you to get your hands on the Michael Jackson costume. So, this is a shout-out to all the MJ fans, grab this opportunity and be lucky enough to replicate the legendary look of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Thriller JacketMichael Jackson Thriller Jacket

The zombie look that Michael Jackson has completely pulled off in his music video ‘Thriller’, can now be imitated in a go. Grab this astounding Michael Jackson Thriller jacket in hot red color with black stripes. The jacket is made of premium quality synthetic leather with a front zip closure. The zipper is an original YKK. The polyester and satin lining on the inner side have two pockets for your convenience. The full sleeves have black straps on both the sides.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to imitate the legendary look of the King of Pop? Well, this is the chance to avail. Grab this leather jacket and get ready replicate the scary look of a zombie this Halloween.

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Michael Jackson Thriller Pants

Michael Jackson Thriller PantsThe red pants match the jacket that Michael Jackson has been carrying around in his music video Thriller. The pants are made of cotton and has a premium twirl cotton with a stretchable fabric. The shirt gives the perfect look to the jacket and makes your Michael Jackson look complete.

Grab these pants and match these with your other formal outfits as well. The material is long lasting and will give you a good match with your other formals as well.




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Michael Jackson Thriller Full Costume

Michael Jackson Thriller Full CostumeThe breathtaking costume of Michael Jackson from Thriller is now available for you to get your hands on. The costume comprises of a faux leather jacket in the perfect sexy combination of red and black. The jacket is lined with viscose lining on the inner side, giving you a comfy look. The stand collar enhances the look of the attire. The jacket has a front buttoned closure with sartorial cuts and a padded V-shaped design of the shoulders. The jacket has an adjustable waist belt with open hem cuffs along with belted straps.

The pants are in red color, which matches the jacket perfectly. The pant has a zip closure and a sleek look. Get this complete costume before it runs out of stock. Don’t miss the chance to imitate the classy Michael Jackson look.



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Michael Jackson Red Beat It Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson Red Beat It Leather JacketThe popular music video of ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson was a certain hit! People still appreciate every teeny tiny detail of the music video. The apparel that Michael Jackson has been attired with in the video, is something to drool about. The sizzling red leather jacket is made of sheepskin and is lined with a viscose lining on the inner side. The jacket has a front zipper closure with two zipper pockets at the waistline and two on the inner side of the jacket.

The red jacket has a stand-up collar with open hem cuffs. Witness the honor of wearing a jacket that the legendary King of Pop has worn in one of his popular music videos. As a MJ fan, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to imitate the Beat It look, would you?



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Michael Jackson Fedora Hat

The white fedora hat is a classic signature gear of Michael Jackson. The hat imitates the original one with the same black ribbon on the edge. Grab this hat and complete your Michael Jackson look with elegance and style.

You can use this hat this Halloween with a complete getup of Michael Jackson. You may later get this hat used whilst going to dress-up parties or some exclusive PR events.

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Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Suit

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal SuitThe blue glossy shirt that Michael Jackson has been wearing in his music video ‘Smooth Criminal’, is a must to have! As a fan, you would definitely love to get your hands over this formal blue shirt that has a satin material. The shirt has a glossy look and a sleek fabric, that makes you carry out the smooth look.

Along with the shirt, grab this white coat with an armband on the left side. The blue armband along with a perfect white coat is all what you need to imitate the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal look. So, don’t wait up and cherish your fanhood by replicating the MJs look.

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Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Pants

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal PantsThe pants are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The pure white color pants match the white Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal coat. The dress pant is a slim fit and gives you a perfect look of MJ. The front fly zip closure along with a flat front and slanted sides is what makes you look elegant. The welted button through back pockets enhance the look of the pants.

Grab this pant and match along with the white coat and a blue shirt, and you are ready to imitate the Smooth Criminal look of Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson Satin Button Spats

Michael Jackson Satin Button SpatsWhen it comes to fashion, Michael Jackson has certainly set an example for us. Whether it be an outfit or an accessory, he pulled it off with style. The shiny black dance shoes have been an essential for Michael Jackson. The signature moon walk has been an admirable move of his dance. The shoes have a low heel to get the look with the attire and give a soothing touch to the moon walk step.

The satin button spats are what accessorizes the shoes in an elegant manner. The spats are covered with four black buttons and have a subtle elastic stirrup to maintain a tidy look. Get these spats and accompany these with your dance shoes.

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Michael Jackson has been an iconic figure of music and dance. The King of Pop still has a fanhood of millions of hearts and is loved and adored the same way as before. The costumes that Michael Jackson has been attired with in every one of his music videos, has a classy and elegant look. You can now pull off the look of Michael Jackson by grabbing his costume from ‘Thriller’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’. Relive the Michael Jackson moments by replicating his classy look.