Retro Classic Styled The Greatest Gatsby Complete Costume

Jay Gatsby is a famous fictional character who appeared first in the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. In the novel, he is portrayed as a wealthy man who lives in a great mansion worth of million dollars. Not only his mansion, but his living style is also very affluent, as he is known as one of the richest persons of his time. Though his early life was not so much Jay Gatsby Costume wealthy as the late one, but as soon as he grew up he made huge strides to reach to that level, and not only money was his sole tool but he was also a powerful person who contacts with many of the city’s known gangsters. So his voguish attiring clearly made him the star among others, and this is what we have compiled in this detailed guide below, as how to get up creatively styled just like Gatsby to attain riveting aspirations.

Jay Gatsby White Costume

Leonardo DiCaprio was been starred in the The Great Gatsby movie in the leading role as Jay Gatsby, wearing exquisite outfits that has taken everybody attention with their beguiling outlooks. This white costume is one of those flawless attires that he has taken to show his millionaire personality. It looks very classy yet has intrigued styling flare in it that enchants its overall presence in a quite different way. So it’s a perfect outfit for all those enthusiast who likes to look Jay Gatsby Costume seamlessly defiant with cognate fashioning that marks their persona among the rest of the others.

great gatsby piece white suit

White Suit (Product Page)

long sleeve shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt (Product Page)

Woven Microfiber Tie (Product Page)

dull polish cufflinks

Dull Polish Cufflinks (Product Page)

sterling ring

Sterling Ring (Product Page)

steel watch

Steel Watch (Product Page)

walking stick

Walking Stick (Product Page)

lace up dress shoes

Lace Up Dress Shoes (Product Page)

Jay Gatsby Pink Costume

This extravagant Jay Gatsby Pink Suit is also one of the eye-catching attires which got wide attraction from many of the fashion enthusiast. As this outfit is fabricated with extreme elegance and gives unique personified looks. It artistic pink shaded color gives it a refined graceful outlook that sets its class apart from the other Jay Gatsby Costume. So the costume is below broken down into separate wearable so you can get clear idea about how to get elegantly attired like this.

seersucker suit

Seersucker Suit (Product Page)

silk tie

Silk Tie (Product Page)

ferro aldo mens causal wingtip

Ferro Aldo Mens Wingtip (Product Page)

Jay Gatsby Brown Costume

If you want to attire with something flawless and riveting that makes you a voguish icon among rest of the styling herds, then you should have a look at his innovative Jay Gatsby Brown Suit, which the great actor Leonardo DiCaprio attired in the movie. Its exquisite fabrication and classy styling defines why it is stated as one of the Jay Gatsby Costume which entrances everybody’s eye attention and dominates over other fashioning newbies.

peter grimm men's

Peter Grimm Men’s (Product Page)

ozzy elton shades

Ozzy Elton Shades (Product Page)

beige suit

Beige Suit (Product Page)

bruno marc men's

Bruno Marc Men’s (Product Page)

Nick Carraway Costume

Nick Carrawy is also of one of the fictional characters of the movie The Great Gatsby, playing as an important supporting role. His attiring is also very exquisite and retro classic styled, which also made him a splendid star of the movie. Hence all the outfits shown below are taken from the exclusive inspiration of Nick’s character, as they are manufactured with high precision and artistic fabrication that speaks volume for itself.

herringbone fedora hat

Herringbone Fedora Hat (Product Page)

long sleeve dress shirt

Long Sleeve Dress Shirt (Product Page)

light brown plaid suit

Light Brown Plaid Suit (Product Page)

carrie hughes watch

Carrie Hughes Watch (Product Page)

men's floral bow tieMen’s Floral Bow Tie (Product Page)

)ankle shoes

Ankle Shoes (Product Page)

Daisy Buchanan Costume

Daisy Buchanan is the lead heroine of the movie and the love crush of Jay Gatsby. As he is fallen in love with her in a very early age but got disappointment though. She is also featured in the movie with extravagant styling that marks her beautiful character with a voguish signature. All her outfits looks damn flamboyant and highly enchanting which are unmatchable to anyone. So below is the beautiful classification of all her outwears which she worn in the film giving spectacular outlooks.


Headband (Product Page)

women's flapper

Women’s Flapper (Product Page)

flower bracelet

Flower Bracelet (Product Page)

bella marie pump dress

Bella Marie Pump Dress (Product Page)

So enchant up your retro appearance and give exclusive classy outlooks in the party by following the above detailed guide that is precisely made from the actual characters inspiration. All the outfits are creatively fashioned with defiant styling and unique fashioning that is what separates them apart from the others. So grab up your favorite character outwear as they all are especially fabricated with classical design and elegant fabrication so that you can also achieve high astounding looks.