The Stark Sisters Hint About Their Game Of Thrones Outcome


The news and trailer for the Game of Thrones update was a long time coming. The past couple of months had fans endlessly assuming what is going to happen when the trailer hits YouTube.This became so popular and trending that it left other blockbuster movies’ updates far behind, especially those would be releasing in the coming weeks. The Game of Thrones television series will be the last time we see various tribes vie for the famous throne.

The trailer released a couple of days ago, it made the fans get more curious about who, and when will the actors talk about the characters and/or the plot behind their last appearance. The Game of Thrones series has given competition to many long-running television shows because of its mind-boggling twists and scenes. This resulted in the views going nowhere but up over the previous seasons. And today, the show completes more than six years.

Coming to the news and the entire buzz that surrounds the most anticipated series, the actors have never spilled the beans. Keeping hush about the secrets for more than eight years is an accomplishment of its own. However, the lengthy and what was considered to be durable consistent chain of being coy has now been broke – somewhat.

As we all know, deaths are all but guaranteed. The viewers of the last seven seasons know how unpredictable and painful the favorite characters’ deaths have been. Recently, during an interview, we may have got to know about the deaths of two of the biggest names of the House of Stark – Sansa & Arya.

A interviewer asked Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams one of the most important questions that actors are always worried about when they have to show up in a movie or television series for the last time. The question was if they were truly satisfied with how their respected characters’ fate would be once the season’s conclusion draws near to its end.

The First To Reply Was Maisie Williams In Which She Said,

“Of course. But I think it doesn’t matter which way it went, it would just make yourself feel sad if you were negative about what happened to you. It’s like tough luck, we filmed it now. That’s the end.”

Then Sophie Turner Gave Her Thoughts On The Question Saying,

I’m at peace with it. That’s a good way to say it. We’ll say it like that from now, I’m at peace with my ending.”

The words “tough luck” and “ending” can possibly means that they are going to be killed, which surely doesn’t look good for the fans or the characters. The Stark sisters are a very popular duo in the series and the members of the House of Stark. As they are quite popular characters and have had their differences, the fans would want to see more of them working together in the show’s limited episodes.

The two actors are currently doing press conferences together, as sisters should. However, the most we can assume is that they are trying to spice up the episodes that will air soon. This was the biggest eye-opener regarding one of the famous characters from the tribes. While speculations arise, there are hopes that Sansa will be sitting on the throne when the series end.

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