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Birds of Prey Collection

The DC comics has really hyped up the cinema. DC comics is an American comic book series which has given the world a lot of amazing fictional superheroes. These incredible superheroes include Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and a lot more. Along with the superheroes, it has given the audience some other tremendous characters which include Harley Quinn, Joker, Flash and a lot more. If we talk about Harley Quinn, she is one of the most amazing characters of the DC comic world and truly speaking, one of the most gorgeous. The character Harley Quinn is played by Margot Robbie in the movies Suicide Squad and the upcoming movie Birds of Prey.

The character of Harley Quinn was actually portrayed as a psychiatrist who works in a hospital treating psychotic patients. As a patient, she met Joker, Harley Quinn falls in love whilst treating Joker and changes her path from good to evil just to prove her love to Joker. She did evil things to make sure to walk on the path of Joker and to ensure that he falls in love with her too. Thus, the character Harley Quinn becomes one of the craziest yet amazing villain of the DC universe.

The plot of the movie Suicide Squad shows that the U.S. intelligence gathered a team of villains for a special mission. In that time, was many DC comic villains including Joker and Harley Quinn. Although the Joker has plans of his own. The next upcoming movie Birds of Prey is a sequel of Suicide Squad.

The plot of Birds of Prey shows the time of Harley Quinn after she splits with the Joker. After splitting, Harley Quinn joins a force for a good cause. The force consisted of females including Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya. They had to save a little girl from the evil crime lord namedas the Black Mask.

One of the most astounding aspects of Birds of Prey was the amazing attire of the entire cast. You can now find the exact replicas of Birds of Prey jackets, coats and hoodies in our category. Our category comprises of the replicas of the attire of these characters.

A jacket which was the spotlight of the movie was Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Jacket, which was loved a lot by the audience. That jacket was one of a kind and unique from all other attire. The jacket was made of PVC material. It had a motorcycle collar along with a zipper closure on the front of the jacket. It consists of one pocket on the front of the jacket and the sleeves were approximately three quarters. The uniqueness of the jacket lies in the transparency of the jacket and the beautiful colorful fringes attaches to the sleeves of the jacket.

There are many other Birds of Prey jackets, coats and hoodies which the audience would love. So grab your favorite jacket now and show your love and appreciation to your favorite characters!